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Department of Japanese Philology

nodirapa Khalmurzayeva Nodira Tashmurzayevna
Academic degree and title: PhD
Position: Head of department
Reception hours: Every day (14:00-16:00)
Phone: +99871 2337966

Department of Japanese Philology was founded in 1992 and is the first Japanese educational institution opened not only in Uzbekistan, but also in Central Asia. The first head of the department was senior lecturer Kim Mun Uk. Since then, the Japanese department was headed by following people  the candidate of philological sciences N.Pak (1993-1999) , the candidate of philological sciences N. D. Kim (2011-2013) , senior teacher N.Khalmurzayeva (2013-2014), E. Matchonov (2014-2018). Nowadays, the department is headed by PhD Nodira Khalmurzayeva.

photo_2019-04-13_18-22-04Nowadays most of the teachers working in the department are alumni of Japanese philology department. Young and experienced teachers of the department are distinguished by their devotion to their profession. Along with these teachers, Japanese specialist Sugano Reyko, who has been contributing to the qualitative and efficiency of the students since the first day of the department, is in constant research. Taking into account her contribution to the development of Japanese language and culture in Uzbekistan, in 2014 she was awarded the Dustlik order by the first President of the Republic of Uzbekistan – Islam Karimov. The book, 1-2 chapters of the Japanese Language Textbook, published in 2010 in collaboration with Sugano Reiko and the teachers of the Japanese department, is being used by teachers and students of the department today.

The  department prepares bachelors and masters of Japanese language and literature. At present there is a sufficient material and technical base for teaching students, as well as a library containing more than 11,000 volumes of literature and computer and lingaphone rooms with a  TV set, which directly accesses the Japanese NHK TV programs. At the moment, the department is equipped with all the necessary training materials for the educational process.

For many years, the Department has been cooperating with the University of Foreign Languages of Tokyo, Hosey University, and Tsukuba Universities in the field of education and science, and most students have the opportunity to improve their qualifications in these higher education institutions in Japan. In addition, in October 2016,  Cooperation Agreements were signed  with Waseda University and in December, with Sofia University.

 In the direction of bachelor’s degree:

As a main language 170 students
As a second language 47 students

In the direction of master’s degree

As a main language 7 students
As a second language 4  students

Students studying in Japan::

Bachelor’s degree 5 students
Master’s degree 4 students

Students from Japan studying at Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies

Tokyo University of Foreign Languages 1 students
Hosei University 1 students
Tsukuba University 2 students

Professors from Japan

University of Tohoku Gakuin 1 professor
Tsukuba  University 1 professor


Subjects taught at the department

Bachelor’s degree:

  1. Oriental language (Japanese) 1-4 course.
  2. Foreign language (Japanese).
  3. Asosiy sharq tilining nazariy grammatikasi (Japanese).
  4. Theoretical grammar of basic eastern language (Japanese).
  5. Special course of Oriental language: Fundamentals of Japanese Hieroglyphics.
  6. Basic lexicology of studied language.

Master’s degree:

  1. The language situation in the country of study (Japan)
  2. Practicing the categories of respectful categories in Japanese business speech
  3. Reading and describing philosophical manuscripts.
  4. History of the language (Japan)

Teachers of the Department:

  1. Khalmurzayeva Nodira Tashmurzayeva (PhD) – Head of Department
  2. Sugano Reyko-(docent)
  3. Tursunova Nilufar Talatovna
  4. Tokhtamirzayeva Mashhura Mirzahakimovna (PhD) – head teacher
  5. Matchanov Elyor Omonboevich – head teacher
  6. Fatkulina Luiza Nailevna – head teacher
  7. Ishimura Ikumi – teacher
  8. Turapova Nargiza Akhmedovna – teacher
  9. Salamova Fotima Omanovna – teacher
  10. Abduhamidova Dilafruz Abdukhabirovna – teacher
  11. Rozumbetova Maftuna Fakhriddinovna – teacher

Co-operative organizations of the department

  1. Lyceum of Oriental Studies (Olmazor)
  2. Lyceum of Oriental Studies (Yunusobod)

International cooperation of the department

  1. Tokyo University of Foreign Languages
  2. Hosei University
  3. Tsukuba University
  4. Kioto University of Foreign Languages
  5. Sofiya University
  6. Vaseda University
  7. Fukuoka Research and Cultural Center
  8. Osaka University of Economics and Law

Publications of professor-teachers of the department

  1. Matchanov, I.Gulyamov, N.Xalmurzayeva “Yapon tili” (2013)
  2. Xalmurzayeva. “Yapon tili” (2005)
  3. Sugano Reyko “Yapon tili darsligi” (2013)
  4. Ishimura Ikumi “Yapon tili ieroglifikasi” (2009)
  5. Н.Халмурзаева,И. Гулямов “Синтаксис японского язiка” (2011)
  6. Хван Н.,Л.Фаткулина“Сравнительная грамматика русского и японского язiков” (2009)
  7. Л.Фаткулина “Теоретическая грамматика японского язiка ” (2013)
  8. Л.Фаткулина , Хван Н., Ишимура И. “Лексикология японского язiка” (2009)
  9. Л.Фаткулина “Фонология японского языка ” (2009)
  10. Сугано Рейко “Современная японская лингвистика” (2009)
  11. Sugano Reyko, Ziyamova Z.,Tursunova N. “Yapon tilini o‘qitish metodikasi va zamonaviy texnologiyalar” (2011)

Scientific direction of the department

  1. Oriental theory and practice: historical periods, dictionary construction and modern dictionaries.
  2. Japanese language terminology: historical processes, problems of formation and development of modern scientific and technical terminology.
  3. The current state of language in Japan: literary language and vocabulary; language styles; globalism and interactions.
  4. Semantics and semiology of Japanese language.



On November 21, 2018,with an Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan in Uzbekistan Ito Nabuaki held a roundtable on the topic “Implementation of Japanese students in innovative ideas and practices”. All the bachelors and masters of Japanese philology and all members of the department participated in this meeting.

photo_2019-04-13_18-22-07 On December 14, 2018 teachers of the Department of Japanese Philology of the Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies N.Xalmurzayeva and F. Salamova held a roundtable on the subject “Language knows”.  7th grade pupils of school No 5 of Zangi-ota district of Tashkent region and their class tutors participated in this conversation. The students were particularly interested in Japanese language, Japanese education system, Japanese lessons.


28th   Japanese Speech contest held by Japanese Department. 24 students from the 1-4th year students of the Department of Japanese Philology at the Faculty of Oriental Philology attended. Three winners of the contest were nominated to participate in the 28th Speech Contest in Uzbekistan.


photo_2019-04-13_18-22-10The Central Asian Department of Tokyo University of Foreign Languages held a training and scientific seminar across Uzbekistan from 19 March to 22 March 2019. 37 students from the Department of Japanese Philology and 23 students from Tokyo University of Foreign Languages attended the seminar. They held slideshow presentation on various themes and debates.


photo_2019-04-13_18-22-12Xalmurzayeva Nodira (PhD Professors of the Far East Department Ninomiya Takashi and Em Natalya participated in the Tsukuba Global Science Week 2018 on the theme of Driving Sustainable Development, which took place in September 20-22, 2018 at the Tsukuba International Congress Center. Also in this conference attended from Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies Khalmurzayeva Nadira(Phd) Below you will find photographs from the conference.

photo_2019-04-13_18-22-13 photo_2019-04-13_18-22-13 (2)



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