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Women’s committee

 photo_2019-03-27_16-21-37 Zaynutdinova Shirin Irgashevna
Post: Chairman of the Women’s Committee
Reception hour: Every hour (11:00-13:00)
Tel.: +99890 315 75 36
E-mail: zaynutdinova@list.ru

The Legal Framework of the Women’s Committee of the Tashkent State university of Oriental Studies:

The Women’s Committee of the Tashkent State university of Oriental Studies operates on the basis of:

  1. The Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  2. The Family Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  3. Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Public Associations in the Republic of Uzbekistan”.
  4. The Charter of the Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan.
  5. Regulation on the primary organization of the Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan.
  6. Other Laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  7. Orders and orders of the Rector of TSUOS

Aims and objectives of the Primary Committee of the Women’s Committee of the Tashkent State university of Oriental Studies:

The main goal of the primary organization is to ensure active participation of women at the Tashkent State university of Oriental Studies, ensuring their legal literacy, protection of their legitimate interests in the process of economic and social reforms in the society, as well as in comprehensive development of the state and society; widespread promotion of healthy lifestyles, protection of women from various influences, as well as enhancing their spiritual maturity.

In order to achieve its goals, a primary organization has public control and functions:

  • Increase the socio-economic, political activity, legal awareness and culture of women in society, protect their legitimate interests, and assist in the study and resolution of their problems;
  • inviting experts in order to conduct trainings on the issues of healthy lifestyles among women ;
  • take appropriate measures to prevent abusive behavior, crime, drug abuse, alcoholism, prostitution, suicide, dress code and ethics;
  • supporting women’s creative activities and organizing various cultural and educational events, creative meetings, contests and nomination of talented, real women in various professions;
  • preparing young girls for family life, focusing young families on social activities, and promoting the well-being of exemplary families;
  • providing comprehensive support to low-income, vulnerable and disadvantaged women and women with disabilities.

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