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Scientific centre of oriental linguistics

Nowadays scientific centre of “Oriental linguistics” which was formed at Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies operates in several directions. Scientific centre holds a meeting one time in a month. In it takes part the project directors and working group which is made up of 14 people. Under the leadership of Prof. O.N.Shomatov the members of the centre make research the main brinks of philology.

It is:

  1. Research and publication of Hindi-Arab-Persian vocabulary which was created in middle age in India. O.Shomatov (project director) M.Abdurahmonova, T.Sh.Qodirov, A.Vohidov.
  2. The spreading of Buddhism in Central Asia and Far East in early middle age period and also to make Turkic-Hindi-Chinese-Korean-Japanese vocabulary of the terms of teaching of the Buddha. Q.Sodiqov (project director), O.Shomatov, S.Nosirova, N.Kim, Z.Ziyamova.
  3. The aspects of ethnolinguistic relations of Turkic, Arab, Persian nations. A.Quronbekov (project director), O.Shamatov, Q.Sodiqov, M.Nosirova, S.Nurmatov.
  4. Cultural-linguistic problems of regional relations between Central Asia, Far East, South and Southeast Asia countries. O.Shomatov (project director), Q.Omonov, N.Kim, A.Karimov, S.Rustamiy, H.Olimova, Sugano.R.

Also this centre together with “Scientists council” makes offer for improving, optimization of philology, teaching of languages and education direction. Q.Sodiqov (responsible), A.Quronbekov, Kh.Islomjanova, Q.Omonov.

It is planned to train of young teachers and researchers through holding of regular scientific seminars and different meetings which will be devoted to the problems of modern linguistic thinking. According to this it plans to hold theoretical seminars which will be devoted to theoretical, fundamental and methodological problems of oriental philology and to invite to seminar as a lector the leading specialists.

Also it is planned to invite philologists from similar universities of the Republic of Uzbekistan and foreign scientific centers and to exchange with them with experience.

It is planned to translate into Uzbek language prestigious teaching aids and scientific works which are devoted to oriental languages with aim of improving of the knowledge’s of the students of Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies and to create teaching aids which will be devoted to the problems of philology and to the theories of oriental languages. According to this plan it realizes of translation of the work of Prof. V.A.Kochergin “An introduction to philology” under the leadership of Dr. Q.Omonov, Kh.Islomjonova, Kh.Hamidiv, Kh.Alimova.

It realizes the following projects: to create teaching aid “An introduction to philology” on basis of materials of oriental languages for students of Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies for improving their primary knowledge. Q.Omonov (project director), A.Rustamov, X.Islamjonova, S.Hoshimova, S.Nurmatov.

The main task of the center is to create scientific schools of oriental languages and invite young, talented researchers and masters.

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