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Department of History and Contemporary Issues of Eastern Countries

ulugbek Abdullaev Ulugbek Artikbaevich
Scientific degree and title: PhD
Post: Head of the Department
Reception hour: Wednesday (10:00-12:00 a.m)
Tel.: +99893 506 72 05
E-mail: xorijiysharq@mail.ru

History of the department

The Department of history and anthropology of eastern countries is part of the Faculty of Oriental Civilization and History of the Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies. In accordance with the law “On Education” and the objectives of the “National Program for Personnel Training”, the department is working on the introduction of new methods for training personnel, raising the level of personnel training in accordance with international standards, conducting research and exchanging experience with world scientific community in the history, culture and politics of foreign countries of the East.

The department was created to teach the following subjects: History of the East, the socio-political system, political system, religion, historical geography, historical textology and source study. The department “History of Foreign Countries” was formed in 1946 under the name “History of the Countries of the East”.

During the period of the department, many well-known Orientalists and scientists came out of it. Known in Uzbekistan and abroad. Including academicians: N. Baratov, B. Akhmedov, A. Mukhammadzhonov, professors: T. Giyasov, M. Bobohodzhaev, M. Nishonov, T. Sattarov, M. Kutina, A. Khuzhayev, A. Khasanov, Z. Munavvarov, R.Kodirov, R.Kosimov.

At the moment, 2 doctors of sciences, 6 candidates of sciences, 6 senior teachers and teachers carry out their activities at the department. Their average scientific and pedagogical experience is 17 years.

The department conducts research in the field of the history of socio-economic and political development of the East. The results of this study are published in the form of monographs, scientific brochures, textbooks and study guides. Teachers and researchers of the department actively participate in the preparation of doctoral dissertations and prepare doctoral dissertations as part of research activities.

Directions for undergraduate studies:

5120300 – history (By countries of the East and regions)

Specialty in magistracy:

5A120302 – History (by destination and country)

Subjects taught at the department

Bachelor degree:

  • The World History
  • Country Studies
  • History of the studied country
  • Archeology
  • Historiography and source study
  • Basics of historical research
  • Ethnography, ethnogenesis and ethnic history of the East
  • Sources and historiography of the history of the study area
  • Cultural history of eastern countries

Master’s degree:

  • Features of the development of modern eastern countries
  • Theoretical issues of specialization
  • Social anthropology of the peoples of the East
  • Methodology and modern methods of historical research.
  • System analysis of the history of the development of the East
  • History of relations of Uzbekistan with eastern countries

Professors and teachers of the department:

  1. Khaidarov A.A. – Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor
  2. Shodmanova S.B. – Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor
  3. Azimov K.S. – Candidate of Historical Sciences
  4. Khudoyberdiev A.Kh. – Candidate of Historical Sciences
  5. Tursunova S.M. – Candidate of Historical Sciences
  6. Abdullaev Yu.A. – Candidate of Historical Sciences
  7. Abdullaev N.A. – candidate of political sciences
  8. Shamsieva I.M. – Candidate of Historical Sciences
  9. Kodirov Z.M. – head teacher
  10. Kutbiddinov S.M. – teacher
  11. Ikromov Sh.I. – teacher
  12. Petrosova O.N. – teacher
  13. Yodgorov Sh.M. – teacher
  14. Narimonov D. – teacher
  15. Egamberdiev A. – teacher

The department cooperates with the following organizations

  1. Abu Rayhan Beruni Institute of Oriental Studies, Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan
  2. Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  3. The State Museum of the History of Temurids of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  4. State Museum of the History of Uzbekistan, Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  5. National University of Uzbekistan
  6. Lyceum of Oriental Languages at Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies

Publications of professors and teachers of the department

  • Azimov K.S. Middle East: conflicts over land, over water, over faith. XX century. // Monograph. – T .: 2020. – 220;
  • Shamsieva b. Interactive teaching methods the history of Uzbekistan. // Study guide T : 2019 .– 173 p.
  • S.B.Shodmanova. Modern methods and methodology of historical research.// Textbook. T .: 2019 (reprint). – 220 p.
  • A.M.Mannonov, N.A.Abdullaev and b. History of Afghanistan. Study guide. T .: 2018. 334 p.
  • N.Abdullaev and b. History of Iran. Study guide. T .: 2017. 410 p.
  • N.Abdullaev and b. History of Turkey. Study guide. T .: 2017. 380 p.
  • N.Abdullaev and b. History of the Arab states. Study guide. T .: 2017. 400 p.
  • T.G.Giyosov, U.A.Abdullaev and b. History of India. Study guide. T .: 2016. 330 p.
  • T.G.Giyosov, U.A.Abdullaev and b. History of Pakistan. Study guide. T .: 2016. 330 p.

Scientific direction of the department

  • Modern problems of the history of the East
  • Problems of historiography of the countries of the East
  • Anthropology and cultural history of the peoples of the East
  • History of Eastern Diplomacy

Scientific projects of the department

  1. Creation of Smart content for remote study of the history of Uzbekistan
  2. The history of the digital world



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