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Teaching staff of the faculty of Oriental Philology held a meeting in the schools of Zangiata District

01.12.2018, 10:41 News 2693

On 23rd of November 2018, professors and teachers of the Department of the Literature of Foreign Eastern countries and the Department of Turkic languages of Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies, Dr. D.Z.Mukhiddinova, Ph.D., A.Alimbekov, Ph.D., associated professor. L. Aminova and Z.Keldibayeva, M.Fozilova, M.Haitova, M.Bahtiyorova and the 2nd year students of the institute visited the school №5 in Zangiota district of Tashkent region. During  the meeting they talked with the pupils of the 8th, 9th and 10th grades about books and the role of reading in our life. During the conversation, they talked about the favorite works, writers and favorite heroes of the puoils. Teachers Z.Keldiboyeva, M.Fozilova, M.Haitova, M. Bakhtiyorova read the poems in Turkish language, while Dr. Z.Mukhiddinova, Ph.D., A.Alimbekov, Ph.D., associated prof.. L. Aminova made speech about education, science and reading the book. Also, they informed about the education directions of the Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies. During the meeting was held quiz of Uzbek and world literature. The students read the works of A.Navoi, Bobur ghazals, rubays, and also talked about the work of Navoi “Khamsa”. The meeting with schoolchildren was  interesting and pupils were too much impressed with the meeting with professor.

On 30 of November, 2018 professors, teachers and the students of these departments visited school № 1 in Zangiata district to promote reading and encouragement of books among schoolchildren. At the beginning of the conversation teachers of the department spoke about the activities of the institute and the literature of eastern countries. In particular Dr. Kenjayeva Poshshajan made speech about Turkish literature and its glorious representatives, the role of Turkish literature in world literature, the fourth year student Saydaliyev Anora read the poem of Turkish poet F.Chamlibel. Gisarov Farhod, a teacher of Uygur language and literature made speech about Uygur language and literature, similar aspects of Uyghur and Uzbek language, the teacher of chinese literature Komilova Shakhnoza and teacher of Japanese literature Kasimova Gulnora made speech about its travels to China and Japan, about Chinese and Japanese literature representatives, Kasimova Gulnora read the poem of Japanese poet Masuo Bashi. The teacher of Persian Literatura Oydin Turdiyev read the part of the poem of  from Gulistan of a great representative of classical Persian literature Saadi Sherozi and his poem “Adam”. During the conversation the students received answers to their questions. During the meeting was held the quiz “The most active reader”. To the winners were gifted the books of  Daniel Defoe “Robinson Crusoe”, Gafur Gulom’s “Shum bola”, Poshshajon Kenjayeva’s “Binafsha” collection of stories, Turkish folk tales, Abdulla Qahhor’s “Tales from the Past “and many others presents.
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