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The main goal of educational reforms is to train specialists with high intellectual potential, thorough knowledge of modern information technologies, professionalism, knowledge, ability to work independently and meet world standards.

The XXI century is a time of globalization, regional, geopolitical, global problems, events and happenings that directly affect not only every country, but also every person, determining its spiritual image, inner world and formation of the individual.

Taking this factor into account in the educational process, adheres to high moral and ethical principles, patriotism, loyalty to his people and nation, able to reconcile his personal interests with the state, national and human interests, who understands the common national, universal values and intolerant of various religious, extremist, terrorist and harmful ideas that are alien to our people, our nation, our religion, our strategic goal should be to train free-thinking, independent-minded professionals with “ideological immunity.”

Spiritual and educational activities at the Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies are carried out on the basis of decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, government decrees, orders of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of Uzbekistan and the rector.

In the implementation of the national program of training personnel that meets today’s requirements in our country, serious attention is paid to the education of patriotic youth who are mature and competent, able to think independently, armed with national ideas, assimilated our spiritual values. One of the most important tasks facing educators is to bring up vigilant and knowledgeable young people who will be able to detect various destructive ideas that are alien to our religion in a timely manner, and who will be able to be vigilant and fight against ideas.

The work should be done in the field of spiritual and educational work at the University is carried out on a regular basis in the following priority areas:

  • Organizational and educational work;
  • Promotion of national ideas;
  • Fighting religious extremism, bigotry, international terrorism, as well as inter-ethnic harmony and inter-religious tolerance;
  • Education in the spirit of patriotism, loyalty to one’s nation, people, education of national pride;
  • Formation of political culture and legal consciousness;
  • Ideological education;
  • Mental education;
  • Education in the spirit of respect for universal values;
  • Develop a healthy lifestyle.



Mechanism for increasing the effectiveness of activities (cycle)

Spiritual enlightenment activities

Student, masters and researchers                                Professor-teachers and staff

Monitoring group

Analysis of the results of activities

Conversation                                        Test                                              Survey

Identified advantages and disadvantages

positive aspects(accomplishment)                   negative aspects(shortcomings)

Development                                                            Prevention



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