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Department of Korean Philology

Scientific title: Doctor of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor
Position: Head of the department
Reception hours: Everyday (14:00-16:00)
Tel.: +99890 325 00 36
E-mail: koreys_filologiyasi@mail.ru

The history of the department

After gaining the Independency of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 1991, Department of Korean Language was established attached to Tashkent State of Oriental Studies in order to get efficiently collaboration with Korean Republic and The Republic of Uzbekistan. At the beginning it was the member of Department of Japanese Philology and from 1992 it has been working separately as a Department. Kim Mun UK managed the Department from 1991 until 2004. From 2004 till 2015 senior lecturer Kim Victoria Nikiforovna ruled the Department.

Nowadays The Department of Korean Philology is considered the special centre which prepares the specialists from Korean and Philology. In spite of having needs for the national personals in the earliest degree of developing the Korean Study in Uzbekistan, in these days this problem has been solved. Most of them are the first graduators of Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies, volunteers from Korea of “KOICA” organization who were specially invited to deliver special lectures, also professor-teachers of “Korea Foundation”.

Learning process is divided into Bachelor and Magister Degree. In the Bachelor degree The Department prepares students for “Philology and teaching languages” (eastern languages). In Magister degree is prepared the personals in the following specialists like “Linguistics” (Korean language) and “Literature Study” (Korean literature). Also the teachers of the department deliver lectures and practical lessons in the departments of foreign countries history, Eastern Philosophy, Economy of Far-East countries and country study.

Bachelor direction of the Department:

5120100-Philology and teaching languages (eastern languages)

Magister speciality of the Department:

5A 120102- Linguistic (Korean language)

Subjects which are taught in the department:

Bachelor direction:

  1. Main eastern language (1 course)
  2. Speciality introduction (1 course)
  3. Subject in choice : hieroglyphics of Korean language (1 course)
  4. Main learning language (2 course)
  5. The literature of country which learning languages(2 course)
  6. Introduction to the philology of the main learning language(2 course)
  7. Lexicology of the main learning language (2 course)
  8. Extra eastern language (2 course)
  9. Main learning language(3 course)
  10. The literature of country which  learning languages(3 course)
  11. Methodology of teaching language and education technologies (3 course)
  12. Subject in choice: hieroglyphics of Korean language (3 course)
  13. Main learning language (3 course)
  14. The literature of country which  learning languages(4 course)
  15. Extra eastern language (4course)
  16. Theoretical grammar of the main eastern language (4 course)
  17. Practice of translation (4 course)
  18. Lingo cultural aspects of Korean languages(4 course )
  19. Dramatic theory of Korean literature (4 course)
  20. New schools and direction in the literature of Korea (4 course)

In the speciality of Magister:

  1. Theoretical issues of the speciality (1 course)
  2. Analysis of special literature in the main foreign language(1 course)
  3. Analysis of special literature  in the main foreign language(2 course)
  4. Language situation where it is learnt (2 course)
  5. The history of the language which is learnt(1 course)
  6. Functional methods of Korean language (1 course)
  7. National-semantic peculiarities of phraseology (1 course)
  8. Theory and practice of simultaneously translation (2 course)

Professor-teachers of the Department:

  1. Kim Victoria Nikiforovna- PhD of philosophy science, senior lecturer
  2. Kim Olga Anatolevna- candidate of science philology
  3. Pan Larisa Antonovna- candidate of science philology
  4. Kim Yelena Valerevna- head teacher
  5. Choy So Yong- head teacher
  6. Chang In Suk- volunteer –teacher
  7. Say Luiza Deonisovna- teacher
  8. Erdanova Hulkar Erkinovna- teacher
  9. Bekkulov Erkin Raimovich- teacher
  10. Turdiyev Sanjar Komilovich-teacher

Co-organizations of the Department:

  1. Tashkent State University of Economy and Diplomacy
  2. Tashkent State University of Pedagogy named after Nizomiy
  3. Samarkand State Institute of Foreign languages
  4. Academic lyceum of Yunusobod attached to TSIOS
  5. Academic lyceum of Olmozor attached to TSIOS
  6. Specialized school number 59 belonging to Shaykhontokhir region
  7. Institute of Sejong
  8. Learning centre of Korean language of the Republic of Korean in Tashkent

International collaborations of the Department:

  1. Embassy of the Republic of Korea
  2. International Agency of “KOICA”
  3. The Fund of “Korean Foundation”
  4. International fund of “Academy of Korean Studies”

Published works of professor-teachers of the Department:

  1. Kim V.N,. Kim Ye.V. national-cultural semantics of phraseological systems in Korean language – T.: TashGiv, 2009
  2. V.N., Choy So Yeng. Stylistics of Korean language. T., TashGiv, 2009
  3. Kim V.N,. Kim Ye.V. Dialectology of Korean language. – T., TashGiv, 2009
  4. V.N., Choy So Yeng. Hieroglyphic. T. , ., TashGiv, 2009
  5. Kim Fil, Kim V.N. grammar of Korean language. Morphology and syntactic T., TashGiv, 2009
  6. Kim Ye. V. , Shokirova N.B. Korean language 3. TSIOS, 2013
  7. Kim T.S, Yunusova G.D. Korean language 4. TSIOS, 2013
  8. Kim Ye. V. Teaching methodology of Korean languages. T., Tashgiv, 2013
  9. Kim V.N,. Kim Ye.V. Teaching special philology. – T., TashGiv, 2013
  10. Lim V.N., Pan L.A. Lexicology . T., TasgGIV, 2013
  11. Yun Te Yong, Kim O.A. Korean language 1 TSIOS, 2013
  12. Yun Te Yong, Pan L.A. Korean language 2. TSIOS, 2013
  13. Kim V.N., Kim Ye. V. Grammatical and syntactic building of the language. T., TashGiv , 2013
  14. Saydazimova T., Choy, So, Yong “Poetry of classical Korean literature ” Toshkent, 2013
  15. Saydazimova U.T., Choy So Yong and others. “Prose of classical Korean literature ”, Tashkent , 2014
  16. Saydazimova  T., “Poetry of Korean poets” Tashkent, 2013
  17. Saydazimova  T., Choy, So, Yong and others “Modern poetry of Korean literature” Tashkent, 2014
  18. Saydazimova  T., Choy, So, Yong and others “Prose of modern Korean literature” Tashkent, 2014
  19. Saydazimova  T., Choy, So, Yong and others “Korean Literature” Tashkent, 2015
  20. Saydazimova U.T., Choy, So, Yong and others “Korean Literature”. Tashkent. 2015
  21. Saydazimova   T.,  “Poetry of Zulfiya collection (in Korean language). Tashkent. 2015
  22. Saydazimova   T. “Stories of A. Kakhhor”    collection (in Korean language). Tashkent. 2015
  23. “we learn Korean language together ” multimedia textbook has been published
  24. Saydazimova  T. , Kim Ye. V. “ Teaching methodology and modern technologies of the main learning language(Korean language)” TSIOS, 2015
  25. Chosen novels from Korean literature. Seoul, Think book, 2015

Scientific direction of the Department:

  1. Actual problems of modern Korean linguistics
  2. Important issues of developing Korean Study in Uzbekistan








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