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Vice-rector for research and innovation G.Rikhieva and the head of the innovation center M.Kalandarov are organizing a series of training seminars for professors of TSIOS, and departments on the possibilities and ways of using international scientific and technical databases to obtain access to the international scientific and technical databases of Scopus and ScienceDirect. Also representatives of Scopus and Science Direct Yu. Aspanov, O.Sertdemir held a seminar on April 17, 2018.

At the meetings of the Council of the Institute, the monitoring of users from our institute is regularly discussed.

In accordance with the order of the Rector of the Institute of June 14, 2018, a “Consulting Center” was established to increase the effectiveness of international bases, and moderators were appointed for each faculty.

Doctoral students and researchers of TSIOS also participate in republican forums organized by representatives of the owner company for the use of Scopus and Science Direct, Web of Science and Springer.

June 22, 2018 doctoral students made presentations on the preparation and presentation of scientific articles in international scientific journals on their use and requirements in their fields and topics. They should provide special presentations in the chairs themselves and provide methodological assistance to teachers.

In cooperation with Elsevier, TSIOS agreed to hold a training seminar for professors and young researchers. The manual on the use of electronic database resources and methodological recommendation was prepared for the publication of articles.

Video on the use of international scientific bases

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