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08.04.2020, 12:07 Announcements, Ilmiy faoliyat e'lonlari 2037





In accordance with the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 56-F, dated  7 February, 2020,  Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies on 21 April, 2020  will he held a national scientific-practical conference on topic “New economy development prospects: global, regional and national characteristics”.

This scientific-practical conference will be held at 11:00 a.m. on “Zoom” platform and will focus on the following sections:

  1. Scientific, theoretical and methodological foundations of the formation and development of the new economy;
  2. Factors, conditions and prospects for the formation of a new economy in Uzbekistan. The experience of foreign countries in the development of new economy and possibilities of its application in Uzbekistan;
  3. Global and regional trends in the formation of a new economy. Developments of a new economy are the role and the place of Information Technology and innovation. Professors, teachers, researchers and students wishing to participate in this online conference can present their scientific articles and theses prepared as a result of their research in Uzbek, Russian and English in the above-mentioned areas. The text of articles and theses should be scientifically, technically and stylistically edited and contain 5-8 pages long. The articles should be in MS Word format, Times New Roman font, A4 format, font size – 14, top 2.0 cm, bottom 2.0 cm, left 3.0 cm, right 1.5 cm, spacing – 1.0, paragraph spacing – 1 cm, and with a formatted width. The articles and theses that do not meet the above requirements will not be included into a collection. And some text reductions, partial corrections or section placements of the article can be done by the Committee organization. Articles and theses of talented students and masters are accepted with the review of the supervisor. All authors are responsible for correctness and accuracy of the facts presented in the text. The articles that do not meet the requirements are not recommended for publication. Articles and theses are accepted in electronic version indicating the name, surname, place of work of the author in full. It has to be sent via the Telegram channel connected to the phone of the person responsible for the conference, until April 15, 2020. For registration and connection to the event, as well as for more information, please contact S. Ermamatov, Ph.D., Associate, and Head of the Department of Economics of the Middle East, Faculty of Economics and Politics of Foreign Countries at TSIOS.

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