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10.04.2020, 22:30 News 2363


Today, April 10, the literary people of our country are celebrating the birthday of Abdullah Kadiri, an enlightened artist, incomparable talent, the founder of the Uzbek school of novels.Abdullah Kadiri’s novel “Bygone Days” has been translated into Chinese and published in 2,000 copies in China.

This is an important result of the work aimed at promoting the culture and heritage of our people to the world by translating the masterpieces of Uzbek literature into foreign languages.

The translation of this book is the result of two years of work by Ms. Di Siaosya, Associate Professor of the Institute of Foreign Languages, Lanzhou University, China, a permanent partner of the Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies.

Di Siaosya began this arduous work when he was the director of the Confucius Uzbek-Chinese Institute at the Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies, which was carried out by the Chinese in collaboration with teachers from the institute and the Department of Chinese Philology.

Di Siaosia is a very demanding specialist in her field, with a deep knowledge of translation, as well as a strong respect for Uzbekistan, the Uzbeks, and whats she observed and learned during her life here. delivered and was able to publish the book.

This translation was a great gift on the birthday of our grandfather Abdullah Kadiri to many of his fans, especially to the fans of the novel “Bygone Days”.

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