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Lectures by professors of Handong Global University

11.01.2019, 16:43 News 2521

On 11th of January 2019, Prof. John Chul Rhee and Sangwa Lee from Handong Global Universitety gave lectures to the students of the Faculty of Korean Studies. Prof. Rhee in his lecture “Economic development of the Republic of Korea: key factors. The roles of education and R&D”, discussed the stages of economic development of the country. Also were highlighted the role and importance of government reforms that were carried out in the middle of the last century for the development of the economy, science, education and research in the Republic of Korea. The guests also told about the heads of state and major businessmen who left their mark on the history of the country’s development.

Today, South Korea’s GDP, which is one of the most developed countries in the world (2017), is $ 1,531 billion, and per capita GDP by PPP is more than $ 35,000. The country ranks 11th out of 127 countries in the Global Innovation Index ranking (2017), and in Bloomberg Innovation Index, has been ranked 1st among 50 countries for several years. In the Republic of Korea, 4.23 percent of the country’s GDP goes to R&D and by this indicator the country ranks second in the world. The share of business entities and entrepreneurship in R&D financing is high, accounting for 74.5% of total R&D expenditures. Such a successes are the result of ongoing reforms and productive work of the Korean people. From their point of view, nowadays there are two major tasks for the country’s economy: employment of youth and the development of new business directions. The implementation of these tasks will give young people the opportunity to develop and demonstrate their talents and accelerate innovative activity in the county

Prof. Sangwa Lee gave a lecture about the qualities for mastering the future profession in the conditions of digitalization of the economy and automation of the global economy. From his view point the modern workers in the Republic of Korea, who do their jobs in a appropriate level and build friendly relations with their colleagues, are considered as good employees. However, as a result automation of production, increasing the role of technology in human life, in the future there will be competition for jobs between people and robots. In order to be a competitive personnel, person must have 3 qualities and strength: the power of creativity, the ability to identify and solve problems and be resilient. People with such kind of qualities form constructive human capital, which is important for the development of the country.

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