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06.04.2020, 23:35 Announcements, Conference 1923





The Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies will organize online scientific conferences of students on the following topics in April 2020.

  • April 13 – “Young Korean Studies: on the threshold of science and creativity” / Head of the Department of Korean Philology, Faculty of Korean Studies, Ph.D., associate professor U.Saidazimova, tel .: 909492115;
  • April 15 – “Conference of Young Translators” PhD, Head of the Department of Theory and Practice of Translation, Faculty of Oriental Philology. X.Xamidov, tel .: 909600623
  • April 17 – “The first steps in the philology of South and South Asia” / Head of the Department of South and South Asian Languages, Faculty of Oriental Philology, Ph.D., prof. U.Muhibova, tel .: 946443037
  • April 18 – “Current issues of Chinese studies: politics, history and economics” / Head of the Department of Chinese Policy, History and Economics, Faculty of Chinese Studies, candidate of political sciences. A.Sharapov, tel .: 901764194
  • April 19 – “Conference of Young Iranian Scholars” / PhD, Head of the Department of Iranian-Afghan Philology, Faculty of Oriental Philology. X.Mirzahmedova, tel .: 997951061
  • April 22 – “Conference of Young Arabic Scholars” / Head of the Department of Arabic Philology, Faculty of Oriental Philology, Ph.D., prof. Sh.Shomusarov, tel .: 909070057
  • April 25 – “Innovations in Chinese Studies: Ideas, Problems, Perspective Plans” / S. Mukhtorova, Lecturer, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Faculty of Chinese Studies, tel .: +998977105033, e-mail: ozod_ochilov@mail.ru
  • April 27 – “Forum of Young Orientalists” named after Shoislom Shomuhamedov / S.Makhatov, Department of Organization of Scientific Research Activities of talented students. Tel .: +998909791907

Students wishing to participate in these online conferences can submit their research papers in the fields of Oriental language and literature, translation studies, history, politics, economics, and Eastern philosophy and culture.

Online conferences will be held on the scheduled day at 11:00 on the platform “Zoom”.

Also,  Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies is preparing for publication the following scientific collections of scientific articles of professors, teachers, researchers and students in the field of Oriental Studies:

“Towards perfection – a scientific collection of talented students” / Head of the Department of Organization of Talented Students’ Research Activities Ph.D. Sh.Axmedova. Tel .: +998903167071

Scientific collection “Conference of Orientalists” / Head of Editorial and Publishing Department Z.Alimov. Tel .: +998901670066

Articles will be accepted electronically until April 15 of this year, along with the review of the supervisor, through the channels “Telegram” attached to the phone number of the above-mentioned officials. You can also get more information by calling the numbers provided.

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