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A foreign language exam was held in TSIOS

18.07.2019, 09:00 News 2200

On July 17, 2019, the Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies hosted an examination of a foreign language. 197 applicants have applied for a foreign language exams. In order to ensure that the exam procedures are fair and transparent, auditoriums are equipped with cameras. Parents of the students were able to observe the exam procedures in the auditorium of the institute through the monitor installed in the yard.

The applicants submitted that the exam was transparent and fair and that they were satisfied with the points they received. Everyone was examined verbally and in writing on the ticket.

A total of 189 abstract entrants participated in the quiz. The directions are as follows:

Korean – 40

Japanese – 13

Arabic – 43

Chinese – 45

Turkish – 12

Persian – 7

Spanish – 2

Urdu – 5

Hindi – 5.



Arabic – 13

Chinese – 1

Japanese – 2



Arabic – 6

Chinese – 2

Turkish – 1

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