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Great ancestors: Alisher Navoi and Zahiriddin Mohammad Bobur.

26.02.2019, 16:39 News 2857

In February, were born outstanding representatives of our national literature – Alisher Navoi and Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur. At TSIOS, it has become a tradition to hold cultural and educational events, poetry evenings and meetings in this month, which dedicated to the life and work of these great personalities.

On 26 of February 2019, at TSIOS was held an event dedicated to the birthday of Alisher Navoi and Zahiriddin Bobur. The literary evening was held by the Department of Classical Philology.

During the event the students presented a musical program prepared on the basis of the work of great poets. At the evening were represented poems and songs on the ghazals of poets. The participants of the evening highly appreciated the role and creative heritage of the outstanding thinkers in the national and world culture, their importance in enhancing the spirituality, especially among young people.

The purpose of the event is to instill in the hearts of the youth love and interest in poetry and literature. The event was very informative and interesting and we think that this kind of event will positively affect to the intellectual development of our youth.

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