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“Narcomania is a plague of the century”

07.12.2017, 22:39 News 3795

The event which was devoted to the problem of narcomania was opened by the dean of the faculty of “Chinese study” S.A.Hashimova. In her speech she touched upon the question of narcomania which worries everyone and damages to the development of society and nation. In addition she told about the measures which takes among the students of Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies in preventing spreading of narocomania and defending the youth from negative influence of different ideology. After that was asked to speak to narcologist of the Centre of narcology Mohira Muminova.

In her speech she attracted attention of the audience that in struggling against narcomania should take part not only teachers, polices or customs officers, this struggle is possible to win by common effort.  Narcomania is hard to cure which damages all the organs of the sick. The problem is, it is possible to recover from physical dependence, but to recover from psychological dependence is very difficult. The problem of carelessness is promoted of spreading of this evil. Also she gave information about psychotropic substances, anesthetics, contagious disease which cause of narcomania and children of narcomaniacs which were born with pathologies.

After watching the film “Oq ajal” the specialist answered to the questions of the students.  

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